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The Meteorological Agency warned of severe weather in areas around the Sea of Japan, where the winter weather continued over the weekend. The weather bureau expects heavy rain and snow in parts of Fukui Prefecture and northern Kansai on Saturday and Sunday.

Note: The severe weather area for days 4 - 8 of this period is marked by a red line in the upper left corner of the graph, indicating the highest risk of extreme weather events for that day. The forecast for Kansai prefecture and the rest of Japan, including February 2021, according to the Meteorological Agency.

The relatively dry season is in spring, and Kanazawa is affected by the monsoon season, a period of heavy rainfall in late spring and early summer. Some rainfall also falls in summer, when monsoon rains are slightly less intense than in southern Japan.

The rest of May is one of the best times to visit Japan, as the vegetation is lush and the tourist spots are usually pleasantly uncrowded. The downside of visiting in winter is that the temperature is still pleasant, but unlike Tokyo, the sunset is around 4.30 pm and will be in Kanazawa around 5 pm (in contrast to Tokyo, it is 5 pm in the evening). The disadvantages of travelling in winter are that the temperatures are still pleasant and the sunsets, as in Tokyo, are visible around 5: 20 pm.

As mentioned above, it can still be quite cool in the evening, so a folding umbrella is a good idea, you should only bring a small folding umbrella. The weather tends to be warm, but the first few days of the month get a little rain and the cloudy and rainy skies increase towards the end of each month. It is certainly still possible to travel in July, but the weather tends to be warmer and therefore you have to be prepared for it when it rains.

If you have already planned an itinerary for your arrival in Japan, have a look here. To find out how to get to Kanazawa, please visit the "Getting there" page. If you are planning a trip to Japan, you can also check the itineraries here and make Shinkansen reservations when you pick up your passport.

Daily forecast of high and low temperatures for the region (data from National Climatic Data). Let's say you check the weather on Sunday and see the high temperatures in Kanazawa and the low temperatures at the same time. Watch the full-scale animation below for a more detailed view of the daily weather conditions in the region.

The lowest wind temperature measured in Chicago on Wednesday was 52 degrees below zero, according to the National Weather Service. According to her, it was the last time it was so cold in Chicago since January 1, 2009.

The city is influenced by a northwesterly cold current that prevails in winter, while in summer it is replaced by hot, humid currents of tropical origin. However, conditions have been more pleasant in recent days due to a combination of warmer air and warmer water temperatures.

There is a rainy season that runs from mid-June to the end of July, so you can travel during this time of year and visit at any time. Wood is one of the places that can be very attractive in rainy weather, and it does not rain all day, but it rains a lot during the day and a bit at night, especially in summer.

The rest of January is the best time to visit Japan, as the weather is usually sunny and dry and the sights are not very crowded. February is also a good time to visit Japan, as it is the time of year with the highest number of tourists, but also with the lowest rainfall. The rest of March and April is also a good time to visit Japan due to the high number of visitors, although the weather is often cloudy and rainy during the day and sometimes rains at night.

Cherry blossom season has just begun in northern Japan, although winter sports conditions are still good in northern and southern Japan.

The crowds of August have largely disappeared, but the weather in September can still be quite hot and humid. Temperatures fluctuate in the mid-80s, rainfall is low and sea temperatures are warm. The weather for September is still very much in line with the rest of the summer, although rainfall was low.

With humidity, the temperature feels comfortable, except for the coldest winter weeks, and it is usually sunny. Weather stations report moderate seasonal snow, which is low in February, especially just before the start of January. Snow is a safe option, even if it does not usually stay on the ground for long. There are some rainy days at the end of the month when the rainy season begins, but the sky is often cloudy and rainy.

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More About Kanazawa