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Here are 10 good things to do and see in Kanazawa, Japan, a small northern town of about 2 million people.

Kanazawa is located on the northern coast of Honshu, in Ishikawa Prefecture, and is often compared to Kyoto, the much smaller but ancient capital. Blessed with what many consider Japan's best sushi, it has long attracted culinary travelers from Japan and now from around the world. Kanazava was once a rival of Kyoto and Tokyo and its wonderful cuisine, including its high-quality seafood. If you want to explore Japan but have never heard of it, you might be enchanted by the gentle and historic town of Kanzawa.

Japanese culture can be seen when you learn more about Japan outside of the major cities of Tokyo and Osaka, as the Ishikawa Prefecture is located in the center of Honshu. Step back in time to find the main attractions of Kanazawa in the well-preserved Kanzawa district of Edo.

The Kenrokuen Garden is one of the three Great Gardens of Japan, along with the Korakuen in Okayama and Kairakuen in Mito. This beautiful landscape is rated 11.4% as one of the best Japanese gardens in Japan, located next to Kanazawa Castle. The most popular Kanzawa attraction is the Ken - rukuen Japanese Garden, or "Kenrookuen," as it is rated by the Japan Tourism Organization (JTO), Japan's official tourism agency.

If you are in the Kansai region, the fastest way to get to Kanazawa, Japan, is from Shin - Osaka - Kyoto station, but it is now more accessible as the newly introduced Shinkansen Route (Japanese Express Train) has passed through it. At 130 years of age, Thunderbird Express travels from Kyoto or takes the Thunderbirds Express to Kyoto and visits Kanzawa Castle. If you are from the Kansaisai area of Osaka, Kyoto or Nara, you can make your journey easier by visiting Korinbo, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Kan Azawa Castle, and the third is Nagamachi District, which is located on the top of the mountain, as it is also known as the Samurai District. Here you can see some beautiful traditional Japanese houses And KanZawa is near Shirakawa and goes to Takayama in Kyoto. The fastest route to get there is by the Kyushu express train from Tokyo to Osaka, which is 130 km.

I would say it is doable, but just get ready for a really long day and take a comfortable Japanese train if you are coming from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or Takayama.

If you are planning your trip to Japan, I am sure you will have an incredible time. If you are staying in Japan for two weeks and plan to stay longer, it will actually help you to incorporate some of the things you can do in Kanazawa into your trip if you plan to do so.

If you like to wander around the markets, I would definitely put Kanazawa on your list of visitors for Japan. Japanese gardens that fascinate you, you should definitely visit the Shukkeien Garden in Hiroshima, you will not be disappointed. Another place to visit is the short trip to Kanzawa, and you will not be disappointed.

Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa and Kyoto are all connected by regular train and bus connections, allowing you to see the most important historical cities of Japan with unique vibes and stories. To get to Kanzawa, take advantage of the super-efficient train system that Japan offers to take you from Kyoto to the upcoming TakayAMA and Shiragawa, as well as to Kyoto.

For suggestions on other places in Japan, see our section on traveling in this beautiful country. If you are travelling to Kyoto or Tokyo, you can take a 3-day Kyoto tour or purchase the Takayama Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass. Kansai, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya are all lined up, as are a number of other tourist destinations in and around Tokyo.

If you plan to visit this fascinating city, you can take a guide to show you around the city, or just follow our list of the best things to do in Kanazawa. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what you can do in the city and what you can do in your Kanzawa route. For more information on what to read about what to do and eat in Kansas City, Kansas, see our guide.

If you are interested in traditional Japanese drama, visit the Kanazawa Noh Museum in Hirosaka. If drama is not your thing, you can go to the theatre where it is possible to get a free tour of the stage. You can also walk down the street and through the city, where you will also find a variety of shops and restaurants as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

Next on our list of activities in Kanazawa is the kenrokuen, a garden that is literally opposite Kanzawa Castle. There are a number of gardens in the city, such as the Kairakuen and Mito Korakuens in Okayama and the Noh Garden in Hirosaka, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. Ken robeen is considered one of Japan's three most beautiful, along with KairaKorakuen in Mita and Kor Hakuen in Okayama.

More About Kanazawa

More About Kanazawa