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If you have family visits, here are a few ways to prepare for the potential culture shock you might experience, as well as a few tips to keep in mind when shopping in Japan. Before returning to Tokyo, stop off at one of Kanazawa's many restaurants, such as Gyogyomaru, and enjoy a bite on your way home. There is also a convenient shopping mall called Kanzawa Hyakubangai, which offers a wide selection of Kanzawa-labeled merchandise for sale. GyogyOMaru is a 3-minute walk from Kan Azawa Station, but you can also stop by a local restaurant for a quick lunch on the way back from the shopping centre.

The shopping area has many more products than we could imagine in this article, but do not forget to take the train. If you have time, you can shop at Kanazawa Station and buy a high-quality fare on the way home from Shinkansen rides, so your Kanzawa experience is not over.

As we said, if you have experienced Tsukiji and just don't want to get up early, the Omicho market is there for you. If you ever wanted to visit a convenience store (conbini) during your stay in Japan, you might want to do so.

You can reach Omicho Market by Kanazawa Loop Bus or alternatively by Hikari shinkansen from Nagoya or Maibara.

Kanazawa is 400 km from Tokyo, so I think the bullet train is the best option, and it takes only 2 1 / 2 hours to get from Kanazawasawa to Tokyo. You can pick up Shinkansen Tokaido from Nagoya Station, change trains from Maibara to Kanzawa, then go to Nagano Station and then take the Kagayaki - Hakutaka train. From Tokyo, you can take the Hikari train or a Tokaidai Shinksansen, Kansai Kojima Tokai (Kagaysaki) or Kagaya Hokkaido (HakUTaka) train, which stops at Nagane and Toyama stations. The bullet trains take you to and from the centre of Kanzawa and to Tokyo in about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The journey from Kanazawa to the Kanto area takes 6 hours, although there is also a train that only runs from Nagano to Tokyo. Those who do not plan ahead can change to another train to Kanzawa, but only if a new route is available.

The ANA flies from Kanazawa Airport at the end of the day, so it is not necessary to fly to the Kanto area or even Nagano Airport in the first place.

The Thunderbird Sandabado Limited Express train runs hourly from Kyoto (Y = 6,900) to Kanazawa, stopping at the southern points of the Kanto area in Kansai and Nagano.

Kanazawa also has a bus pass, which costs only 500 yen a day and covers a 1 km circuit. You can pay 100 yen for an adult and 200 yen for an adult and 100 yen for a child. Updated prices for the Kanto - Kansai - Nagano Express train from Kyoto (Y = 6,900) to Kanazawawa

The rustic Izakaya (open kitchen) focuses on local seafood, but if you prefer to prepare your own lunch, you can prepare sushi at one of the many restaurants in Kanazawawa. The best choice is to order sushi, orbe and a variety of other options.

Many shops will stand out with beautiful examples, but one is Nosaku, a shop in the center of Kanazawa. On the upper floor of the main shop is a wooden press used by Morihachi Kaga in 1625 for making confectionery, which is now located in Hakusan City. The subway shopping street near Kanzawa Station is home to many of the city's most popular shops, including Takamatsu Shoppe and Shibuya Shopping Center. Kanazzawa Hyakubangai, the shopping mall near Kanazzawa Station, is another great stop-shop for all cities, offering a variety of goods as well as a wide range of food options.

Blessed with what many consider Japan's best sushi, Kanazawa has long attracted culinary travelers from Japan and now from around the world. It is often compared to Kyoto, a much smaller and ancient capital, and its wonderful cuisine, including its high-quality seafood, appeals to tourists and locals alike. Historically dubious, there are a number of pleasant areas to stroll around, such as the rest of the samurai district and the old town, as well as a variety of restaurants.

Kanazawa is really easy to reach on foot, as there are many tourist attractions near Kanazawa Station and you can enjoy the view of the city from the train station, the old town or even the main street.

If you can't make it to Kanazawa, it's even served in famous restaurants like Akihabara, but for some things the prices are still expensive. I think if you want to buy something handmade in Kanzawa, you should buy some soap. A wonderful addition to your stay in Kansas City is a visit to one of the local craft shops that our customers often recommend.

More About Kanazawa

More About Kanazawa