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If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, it is the central Honshu city of Kanazawa that you should put on your wish list. Situated between the Sea of Japan and the Japanese Alps, I was blessed to grow up in the heart of the city, where I made regular visits during my time in Japan. Amazingly, it is considered the birthplace of a confectionery culture that flourished during the Edo period. If I could visit anywhere else on the planet except the US, where would it be?

For a perfect culinary experience with complete satisfaction, try the delicious, mouth-melting and delicious Kanazawa - esque sushi at the Katsuya restaurant. Fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, fresh vegetables and fresh herbs create an exciting culinary scene.

This is truly one of the best dinners in Japan and should not be missed when visiting Kanazawa. Due to its proximity to the Sea of Japan, the city has a wide range of fish markets, such as Katsuya Market and Shukan Market. These markets are worth a visit, especially for those who are used to eating fish and seafood in general, as you will be busy with seafood. Many ryokanes across Japan serve crabs in winter, but Kanzawa is blessed with an ocean nearby where you can get fresh crabs for a bargain.

You can also find crayfish served in multi-course kaiseki menus, grilled over charcoal or as a side dish. Sake, soy sauce and miso are a big part of the ishikawa cuisine, as are many fermented foods. It is usually used in sashimi and sushi, but in Kanazawa there are a variety of ways to eat sazae.

For example, puffer fish sourced from wild tigers in the mountains of Kanazawa and other parts of Japan from October to May offer a variety of flavors and textures, including sweet, sour, salty, spicy and spicy.

If you decide to stay overnight, Ishikawa Prefecture offers a "Japanese fish dinner" that you will not forget. If you're looking for good food at the train station, head to Kuroyuri, one of Kanazawa's most popular sushi restaurants. Japanese cuisine, and those you can try here at KuroYuri, are special, but a slice of green yuzu, lightly fried on sushi rice, is delicious. This food cooked in a thin soy sauce and served in a variety of ways is one for all Kanzawa gourmets.

While some restaurants serve oshizushi, Bebe, the type of sushi found in bentos and boxes, is more popular. A modest restaurant where you can eat sushi, sashimi and breakfast, but also a great place for lunch and dinner in Kanazawa. The modest restaurants where you can enjoy either sushi or sashingimi breakfasts or a good meal at Kuroyuri.

Be a really nice Japanese-style restaurant serving excellent fish, including great sashimi, as well as creatively created and presented meat and vegetable dishes. First, there is a curry and rice dish that has some unique properties that are only found in Kanazawa, such as the use of fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. This is another great place to sample Japanese haute cuisine, but also a good place for lunch, dinner and breakfast.

Kanazawa is located between the Sea of Japan and the Japanese Alps and is exposed to a significant rainy season. These rich products, coupled with the magic of local chefs, have earned it a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Japan. The city is often overlooked by foreigners and is a jewel of Japanese tourism, as it has preserved historic neighborhoods, beautiful scenery and some of the best food we have had in Japan.

The term nigiri literally means "sushi to grasp" and many traditionalists will insist that sushi must be enjoyed with your fingers, but in Kanazawa the quality of sushi is really high. You don't have to spend a lot of money to try the best sushi in the world or even the most expensive sushi restaurants.

Sushi usually means rice and sashimi on top, but Kabura Zushi is one of the different types of sushi. This is a sushi bowl where you can control the amount of rice you have, and it is served in a ball of pressed rice topped with a variety of toppings such as kabura, kimchi or even wasabi. We don't eat wasabi in the US But we eat a few dishes in Kanazawa, especially if the restaurant uses real fresh wasabeats.

If you can't make it to Kanazawa, even famous places like Akihabara serve it in their restaurants. If you don't feel like eating sushi, you can also go to a sushi restaurant in Tokyo or even the USA, but not Japan.

It should also be noted that Kanazawa Station, like all major train stations in Japan, has affordable restaurants that cater to all tastes.

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More About Kanazawa