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If you want to experience Japan's rich culture without following a typical tourist trail, the prefecture capital, Ishikawa Kanazawa, is the place for you. Located just a few kilometers from Shinkansen Station in the heart of the city, it is a popular tourist destination with a variety of attractions. In addition, there are also a large number of restaurants, shops and other attractions that you can visit. Here are 10 good things to do and see in Kanzawa, a small town of about 1.5 million people in Japan's northernmost prefecture.

And last but not least, one should not leave the city without visiting Kanazawa Castle, which is an important cultural asset in Japan and holds a class of its own.

Kanazawa is well connected - with the Omicho Market, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and close to the main attractions. On the other hand, the Zen Museum, which actually specializes in Zen, is the best place to discover Japan's world - the famous craftsmanship.

Kanazawa Castle is a large wooden castle built during the Meiji period in Japan and is one of the largest wooden castles in the world. The technique that made it possible to build the castle without a single nail is the one point worth admiring. As it is not only a tourist attraction, but also a very popular tourist destination, it should be the best place to visit Kanazawasawa.

Although Kyoto has a wealth of attractions to offer - see Kyoto Castle and the Great Wall of China - repeat visitors would do well to add Kanazawa to their list. If you like the bustling markets, beautiful scenery and good food, then put it on your must-visit list for Japan and you won't be disappointed.

In this post, I shared some of my favorite things to do in Kanazawa, restaurants I like, and tips for driving from Tokyo to Kanzawa (or KanZawa to Kyoto if you follow this route). Read more about what I do and eat in and around Kan Azawa on my KanAZawa travel guide blog. How to get to Kansai? This page offers tips on how to get from Nagano to Tokyo and a city guide.

Kanazawa Yasue Goldblatt Museum is located at the west exit of Kanzawa Station, a short walk from the main entrance of the station.

Kanazawa Shore Excursions is a modern facility just steps from Kenrokuen. The 21st Century Museum, opened in 2004, is Japan's most popular art museum and houses contemporary art from Japan and around the world. This beautiful museum of Japanese art is worth a visit, even if it is often overlooked by visitors who rush to the Museum of 21st Century Contemporary Art. D.T. Suzuki, the Suzuki Museum is one of the lesser known places in Kanzawa and a great example of modern art in Japan.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, the first of its kind in Kanzawa, rounds off the four museums in the Kenrokuen Cultural Zone. Japanese art and has since become one of the most popular museums in Japan, merging into a museum of contemporary art from Japan and around the world, as well as other countries such as the United States and Europe.

In Kanazawa, the best place to visit is Kanzawa Blossoming Garden, one of the most popular attractions in the Kenrokuen Cultural Zone. It is the largest and most famous of its kind in Japan, surpassed only by the Tokyo Blossom Garden in Tokyo, the second largest flower garden in the world.

If you are interested in traditional Japanese drama, visit the Kanazawa Noh Museum in Hirosaka. If you are not into drama, you can also go down to the Kenrokuen Cultural Zone, where you can get a free guided tour of the stages and the museum. And if you are interested, you can go back to Kanzawa Town Hall, where there is also a small museum with a collection of old newspapers, books and other memorabilia from the past.

Another place to visit is a short trip from Kanazawa, and you can see some beautiful traditional Japanese houses here. The Korinbo area is located in the immediate vicinity of Kanzawa Castle, so come here to visit it. Another place, the third, is the Nagamachi District, which is also famous in the Samurai District. It is located on the outskirts of the city, in a small village with beautiful houses and a beautiful waterfall, while the first is just a few kilometers from the castle.

Nagamachi, near Kanazawa Castle, is the district where the samurais, the warriors of the Edo period, lived. It remains the same as before, where samurai of the middle and lower classes lived, so you can get a taste of this time. Kanzawa is mentioned as the "Edo era" of Osaka and "Edo" in Edo by the three major cities.

More About Kanazawa

More About Kanazawa